Chinese American Community Center

CACC 德立華華美聯誼中心
Hockessin, Delaware

Chinese School of Delaware meetings on Sundays, between 1:30 to 4.



CACC is fortunate to be the home of three wonderful schools:

CACC Montessori School

• Montessori Education- Children ages 6 months to 6 years
• Focused on Cognitive, Social, Physical Growth
• Low Student/Teacher Ratio
• Child Directed
• Individual Instruction
•  International School Environment
•Enrichment in Spanish, Chinese, Music, Art, Gym and Library
• After School Activities in Drama,  Soccer, Cooking Club, Tennis, Ballet, Art Class, Yoga and Piano
• Part Time and Full Day Programs /Before and After School


Chinese School of Delaware meetings on Sundays, between 1:30 to 4.
Chinese School of Delaware meetings on Sundays, between 1:30 to 4.
Founded in September 1996 initially with 43 students, the Delaware Chun Hui Chinese School has now grown to be the largest Chinese school in the State of Delaware with more than 300 students.  By exposing our students to the Chinese language and culture through a rich and fun curriculum, the school contributes to their intellectual, cultural, and ethical development in a global and diverse society.

春晖中文学校成立于一九九六年九月。学校由最初的43名学生,到现在拥有300多名学生,已经发展成为特拉华州最大的中文学校。通过丰富和生动的课 程,寓教于乐的教学方法,让以英语为母语的学生们有学习中文,了解中国文化的机会; 同时也促进了他们的才智、文化和道德的发展。



Chinese School of Delaware (CSD) was established in 1971. Along with CACC, the school has been recognized as the local resource for Chinese culture and language.

CSD adopts a two-track learning system. Track A is for families who speak Chinese at home (heritage) and track B is for families who do not speak Chinese at home (non-heritage). Both track students will join together for culture classes.

德立華中文學校創立於一九七一年,是一所於週末上課的的私立學校。學校目前有國語班十六班,採雙軌制。A-Track 適合家裏說華語的學生,B-Track 適合家裏不說華語的學生。目前有學前班兩班、幼稚園一班、一至十年級)。本校注重師資培訓並積極鼓勵老師投入主流學校教學,2013-14 學年度,本校七位老師及一位行政人員參加美國大學理事會(College Board)所舉辦之AP中文師資培訓,目前有四位老師任教於主流學校。